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Monday, May 9, 2011

Why a social community of practitioners?


This week we're looking at beginning the heavy lift of creating a consortium and community of teachers across colorado.
Not sure if i'm right, but I am trying to replicate twitter Pros and eliminate the Cons on a district and statewide scale at the same time. 
Trying to frame the why; if I boiled it down into five quick pieces; the value for a social community of practitioners is:

  1. “Always on” reflection forum
  2. Authentic opportunity to bounce ideas off and expand on others via a network of professional learners
  3. Provides the space where ideas and philosophies are shared, critiqued, expanded upon and developed.
  4. Personalized search database
  5. Allows us to be participating or are involved in, what is perceived as, the pulse of the education (not just ed tech) community 

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