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Monday, February 21, 2011

Are we missing the boat? Am I crazy?

We really have so far to go in regards to what conversations look like in 99% of online courses and what I believe would be useful community experiences.

Re-reading this post tonight, found myself a little frustrated with how we/I design online courses/spaces

Maybe it's the way I see and want online learning to be heading. Maybe it's
the stunning lack of application or transfer into the classroom that I've watched be applied from online courses in my experiences. But, I'm really struggling with the way we are "providing" online courses for our teachers. Love the idea of having courses be open, accessible by all, and assignments being optional, but I think there's more to that. Every course should be facilitated by our experts in the field and in our department. I also think that the objectives, and essential questions should be what drive the materials, conversations, and more, not the other way around. Each "course" would then be a live community...

I would really rather see the entire process as a social, connective (ism),
and live experience, as opposed to an isolated, silod(sp.), stagnant space.

I want a utopian blend of live, self-directed, facilitated, and social learning, without mindless rigor or false accountability. Seems easy enough, right? :)

Are we missing the boat?
Am I crazy?

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