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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vision and Intro statement for our e-learning online PD environment (Jargon alert) :)

Chop full of jargon and buzz words, here is our vision statement that will appear on the landing/front page of our Moodle (online Pd) LMS

Any time you say 21st century learning, just in time or always on, the shenanigans meter goes into overdrive, but I feel strongly that open sharing and collaboration will open up so many opportunities for our teachers!
Here it is, please be kind. J
Welcome to the next frontier of professional learning and development.

In DPS, we believe that learning is a collaborative and team sport. We believe that "just-in-time" and "always-on" learning can and should be an option for all professionals looking to study and grow. We believe that creating and nurturing a 21st century learning environment where this can take place is essential and vital to our work in the Office of Teacher Learning and Leadership. By capitalizing on our hyper-connectedness and possibilities that e-learning and today's tools bring, we can maximize near and far transfer in the classrooms; with student growth and success driving our e-learning community. We believe in an open model of design where organic course and resource creation enables and lifts up our teacher leaders and builds capacity for professional development in our district and beyond.

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Seth S said...

Hi Michael,

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Hope this is helpful,

Seth Sanford