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Monday, June 14, 2010

Personal/Professional Google Account Connectivity

I for one send a lot of shared documents to co-workers via their work email address. This doesn’t always work out as cleanly as I hoped as many times “Google Accounts” are not synced/linked with your work email address. So one of two things usually happens, either the person I send the document to creates a new account with their work email (doesn’t really make sense to keep creating accounts, when do we check them?) Or the other solution is one of frustration, where the user never accesses the document and therefore misses out on the contribution possibilities. Below is a solution I recently shared with a couple of teams I work with, hoping that they will not meet the fate of one of the aformentioned results.
One “mistake” that I often see when sharing Google Documents across work and personal accounts is in the permissions setting. To insure that you will have access to any documents shared to your work address taking the initial step of adding another email address to your account solves this.

To do this you will need to:

  • sign in to your account
  • click on settings

  • click on account settings

  • click on edit email settings


  • then click on “add an additional email address”


Lastly confirm the new address. This should allow you to access all documents sent to your “work” email address via your Google account

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Gia DeSelm said...

Hey Michael- Wish there was a way to have this in GApps. Teachers share stuff and unless they look in their doc list they don't know it's there. Cool tool!