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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What are you investing in? People or Tools? Content or Community?

If you are investing in tools and programs while also cutting staff and people, you are missing it and blowing it! Is it crazy to invest in social media "expert" for your district instead. Someone that can navigate the waters of the world wide web, that can tap into the open learning community and can ask the right questions about where there may be more or better answers.

Now, I’m no genius; but it seems to me that someone who has the skills and capacity to link the vast amount of resources, conversations, keynotes, videos and more into a coherent and useable space, would cost you thousands less than a video delivery tool claiming to align pd, or a tool that “streams” video and also allows you to create antiquated a,b,c,d type of quizzes.
Or, maybe I am the one who is missing it and blowing it?
Just seems we prefer to buy things, than to invest in people that can build, maintain, design, and develop capacity.

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kadding1 said...

Wow, I really do agree with you here. I am amazed at how much money schools spend on tools that provide 'content' or a space for 'collaboration' when there are so many other options out there.