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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Moodle Modules (via @mguhin)

Top Moodle Modules

(a Youtube video on how to install modules)

1. Assignment Rubrics - Allows you to grade assignments using a rubric.

2. Book - Multi-page resource with a book-like format

3. DimDim - Dimdim is the friendly Open Source web meeting. With Dimdim you can show Presentations, Applications and Desktops to any other person over the internet. You can chat, show your webcam and talk with others in the meeting. All this is possible without the attendees installing anything.

4. Certificate - Prints student's name, date, course name, activity or course grade, other text, a code number, the teacher(s) names. Can choose to add images such as seals, logos and watermarks. Can be delivered in the browser, via email, or downloaded. Email alerts can be sent to teachers or others when certificates are issued.

5. Exabis ePortfolio - This module enables both Professional and Student Moodles as a repository for users' to store top projects and more importantly, to allow file-sharing to classmates/teacher for review, collaboration or comments. Check it out for broader use across courses. It allows for collection of files, notes, hyperlinks, etc. and exports to SCORM. Items can be shared to all site users, only those in a common course, or individuals.

6. Feedback - "The Feedback module allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from students. It is smaller in scope and easier to use than the Questionnaire module, and unlike the Survey module allows you to write your own questions, rather than choose from a list of pre-written survey instruments" (Source: Kineo).

7. Group Selection - allows students to select the group they want to be members of.

8. Learning Diary - This module is used to combine the many Reflections into one ongoing diary, a much more efficient and appealing approach for adults. There are so many individual activities in each section that the list appeared exhaustive. It's a 3rd Party Mod not hosted on

9. Lightbox Gallery - This resource allows you to create 'Lightbox' enabled image galleries within your Moodle course.

10. OU Blog - Provides user and course blogs with comments.

11. OU Wiki - Simple, easy to use alternative to standard Moodle wiki

12. Questionnaire - Allows you to create custom surveys with graphed results pages.

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Trideep said...


Thanks for mentioning Dimdim in Number 3 among the top Moodle Modules! With the new release of Dimdim 5.5, things are going to be even better.

Trideep | Dimdim
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Michael Wacker said...

I think many of us in education are big fans of dim dim, any way of making it easier to access and use is a plus for me. I can't take credit though, this list was compiled by Miguel Guhlin I just brought it back to our attention. :)