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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Serious threat to the web in Italy

This was taken from the “Official Google Blog”
"... we are deeply troubled by this conviction for another equally important reason. It attacks the very principles of freedom on which the Internet is built. Common sense dictates that only the person who films and uploads a video to a hosting platform could take the steps necessary to protect the privacy and obtain the consent of the people they are filming. European Union law was drafted specifically to give hosting providers a safe harbor from liability so long as they remove illegal content once they are notified of its existence. The belief, rightly in our opinion, was that a notice and take down regime of this kind would help creativity flourish and support free speech while protecting personal privacy. If that principle is swept aside and sites like Blogger, YouTube and indeed every social network and any community bulletin board, are held responsible for vetting every single piece of content that is uploaded to them — every piece of text, every photo, every file, every video — then the Web as we know it will cease to exist, and many of the economic, social, political and technological benefits it brings could disappear.

These are important points of principle, which is why we and our employees will vigorously appeal this decision.

My Take: What can we do to support this appeal? Is it even our place to support it? It makes you wonder what the possible implications and how far they could reach if we start making web companies responsible for us. When is it just the individuals responsibilities to filter out our own content? When should we just change the channel? I’m not sure why we feel the need to filter and make excuses for everything, but we do and it’s disappointing to me as a father to see so many opportunities for teaching responsible behavior just dropped and ignored.

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