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Friday, June 12, 2009

Long time no talk....

No blog the last couple weeks. I've been mired in a writing slump I guess, pondering next steps and job changes. I wasn't sure where to begin, what my purpose was, why I write this blog in the first place. I realized that this blog is first and foremost for me. It is my opportunity to reflect and rethink the stream of sources, tools, ideas, and issues I see or hear about in the setting I work in.
Here is my reflection from the last week of school and the shift in my refocusing of my vision that it brought. I was so sad when the school year ended this year. The group of kids I had were amazing, they gave me so much of themselves, it made me proud to be their teacher. Every single one of them grew exponentially in my classroom, both as students and as young people heading off to middle school. I look back at their body of work from the past year and I am blown away by their creativity and writing ability growth they showed form August until June. There is no doubt in my mind that the leaders of tomorrow will be tremendous if their class was any indication.
It was also sad for me because I am leaving the classroom, maybe temporarily, maybe not, regardless though, I will not be in the school next year, so packing my stuff up was difficult to say the least. What do you keep? what do you pay forward, and what do you throw away. I felt good about giving much of it to other teachers, that's the right thing to do right?
I was restless so I dove right into my new job, and the excitement that it offers. As an Online Learning Specialist my job will differ from the day to day management of classroom details, but the vision and change I hope to create should not. I hope that I can maintain my passions and excitement, my thirst for professionala development and sharing with other teachers and administrators is there and tighter than ever.

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