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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Toxic use of Social Networking

"A Scottish teacher who posted messages discussing her pupils on a social networking website is being investigated by her employers."
This makes my stomach turn. There is nothing more toxic than teachers bashing students in a teacher's lounge or think of doing it in a social networking platform is mind blowing to me.
Read the article here; I'm not sure where most people fall in this debate, but I can rest easily knowing that there is something wrong with the idea of using this platform for these types of posts. Am I missing something here?

We all have bad days as teachers, some are bad weeks, or even months, but if we reflect on our management, plans, and style,I think we can usually look inward and find some answers and solutions.

As an aside, what are the policies that your school or district has for facebooking or tweeting during work hours? Must be work related? Or banned altogether? I'm usually not in favor of blanket "bans" I think reponsible use should be expected and responsibility demonstrated through the use, but these types of stories worry me.
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