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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How would you build a school today?

This is an article from Contemporary Issues in Tech and Teacher Education. If you get a chance to read this article I'd love to know what others think. Since this blog is primarily an opportunity for me to sort my ramblings and reflections though I'll give it a go.
One thing as a teacher that has advocated for technology in schools that I find exciting is the influx of cash dedicated to meeting the needs of today's digital citizens and 21st century learners. Granted the 21st century started 10 years ago, but the idea is sound and the effort is inspiring. I'm glad that more schools are getting labs and wireless access and SMART boards, video cameras and more to use in their instruction. I've seen the results in standardized tests from my class support this use and I know that the engagement level is tremendously high in classrooms where this is taking place. The artice starts off with this nugget,

"We have a unique opportunity in education today. Massive funds are pouring into the technology infrastructure of K-12 schools. It is estimated that $7 billion a year is being spent to equip schools with infrastructure, networking activities, and hardware.The investment of resources on this scale is comparable to the space program. The process of building this infrastructure is similar to launching a rocket in education. Now that we have launched that rocket, we must learn to fly. That may seem backwards, but it is often the ways things work"

What I am fearful though is that we've outpaced or jumped ahead of our own learning curve. We have technology and tecahers not knowing exactly how to use it. In a recent blog I wrote about Bob Marzano and his "ideal integration" model. We need training and sound instruction before we can expect success to come form this new method or delivery of pedagogy.

This is one of those posts that I hope to revisit over and over again, because there is so much here....

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