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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Opportunities and Challenges for Web 2.0

Lucky enough today to catch a quick tweet from @neilstephenson letting all of us know about a great tech and learning event featuring Alan November, Ellen Bialo and Jay Sivin-Kachala, and Terrell Tucker. The focus was Opportunities and Challenges for Web 2.0 in Schools. I've embedded the slides below...and the audio is available here. It's nice to hear Alan November speak, the results of surveys conducted, and how a school is doing it the right way. It's a relatively quick production and worthwhile in my opinion.

Things I came away with:

Web 2.0 tremendous vehicle for collaboration and authentic learning
Administration needs to be comfortable with the tools before complete support is available
Teacher generated content will be viewed as invaluable reason for adaptation
Students are driving force in adoption of these tools

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