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Friday, April 3, 2009

Goomoodleikiog (Huh?)

This weekend I watched, then "re"watched a series of videos, then watched as my tweet deck blew up with retweets and posts about how cool this videio and idea is. "Goomoodleikiog" huh? OK I know Google, I sort of know moodle, wiki's are an Like so many of us this week, after watching these videos I was enthralled and excited with the possibilities and opportunities brought by this dynamic combination of tools and learning structures. I applaud anyone with the vision and support to use Moodle in their district. Coupled with its easy interface and adaptability I think that these tools can revolutionize the way we look at inquiry based online learning tools and their use in a k12 setting. Ben Wilkoff posted a great blog about how important it is for us to name our tools.

I agree, but more importantly is our ability to share the vision, teach other teachers, and change the way that we reach the Higher Order Thinking Skills deemed necessary by so many of us in our classrooms.

Let's have these conversations in our schools, there's no need to "sell" them, they "sell" themselves.

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