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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Antiquated research methods?

Great video/skit called Joe's Non-Netbook had my wife and I laughing for an hour. I found it while re-reading a few of Chris Lehman's posts that I had fallen behind on. Chris is a Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA (Opening 9/06) It also made us talk about how true the statements are. When the student tries to
pull the picture to his folder so he can save it for later...I almost died.

But seriously, how do we use textbooks in the classroom? How should we?
To many kids, books are for reading Fiction and non-Fiction, or retelling and summarizing the content for a book report. Textbooks are...ahem boring. I said it, I know, but seriously they can be a little dry with very little interactivity built in.
They do their research online with little thought for authenticity or verification of data.
I often hear teacher's say that "They still need to know how to look things up in an encyclopedia..." Do they? Or "Wikipedia is a bad idea because it allows users to "GASP" edit the content."
Please don't go off on a rant on the value in reading books, I get that and I agree, I am always reading something printed, but textbooks are doing little to stimulate our students whereas the web does this so often.

Great Tutorial on Wikipedia

"Ban Wikipedia" article

Encyclopedia Brittanica 2.0 an article about how Wikipedia model is being copied and used.

Got a minute? Check out this TEDtalk from Patti Maes...
Patti Maes demos the sixth sense.
Great tool? or frightening revelation?
Paraphrasing a line... "Great to meet you, can you hold on a sec whle i google you?" :)
I want one!
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