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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ruminating Out Loud 01/09/2012

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  • Digital publishing you say?
    This could be pretty rockin awesome, actually. Once again, I ask the question, "What if we put the content and publishing of content, materials, learning objectives, etc.. into the hands of our students." Maybe instead of palavering on about what it might look like, I should spend some time actually thinking through this on an ECE-12 level. I get that our Primary kiddos aren't going to be writing deep level texts, but what if there was a "for us by us" movement of sorts. Would it allow us to dive deeper into conversations and topics?
  • English: Writing utencils: stencils Письменные...
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    This is a pretty sweet collection of resources for teachers to cruise through and glean nuggets of cool for their students. All kinds of sites to support each stage of the writing process, as well as content from MI, OWL, and the like. As well as ways for students to get published, watch videos, and get creative.
    I'm not a huge fan of lists, but this is a nice collection.
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