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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation TED vid here: lot of good ideas #dpsk12



"If you do this, then you get that..."

Mismatch between what science knows and what "business" does.

For 21st century tasks, carrot and stick doesn't work and often does harm.

"If/then approach" works really well for simple set of rules/clear destination tasks.Rewards narrow the focus and concentrate the mind...(i.e standardization.)

There are some things he talks about that I know we could use with our Teacher Leaders, Teacher Effectiveness Coaches, Online Learners, etc, but that also require a major paradigm shift....can we get there?

Motivation is a necessity to achieve a "butterfly effect" scale of change I believe.

Right brain, creative, conceptual abilities... truth is, the problems we face at work are mystifying and solutions are surprising/non-obvious. We all have our own "candle problem."

autonomy, mastery, purpose...

sounds a lot like an andragogical approach to learning.

"if you want engagement self direction works better"

half new products at Google are burst during their 20% time.

ROWE: Results Only Work Environment


Drive to do things because they matter

Lazy, dangerous, ideology of carrots and sticks

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