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Thursday, March 11, 2010

MoodleShare is growing... do you walk the talk of collaboration, sharing and change? Join us...

Moodleshare is young but growing in content by the day as consistent inbound traffic comes from every continent. By design, the project generates no direct financial return for its creators.  According to Mr. Fila,
“The essence of the project is simply to create more awareness of the Moodle movement, in Minnesota, the US and world at large -so as to increase the quality of content taught in schools around the world. I believe that if even 1% of the teachers within the US started Moodling their curriculum, a snowball effect will occur that will forever change the archaic US education system.”

What does this mean for educators/ It means that our propensity to keep things to ourselves, lock lessons and coursework  down, and close our virtual classroom doors is antiquated. The time for sharing with design and collaboration in mind is now. Is your course or Moodle space the best in your school, district, or state? Maybe, but I bet there is someone that can add to it, make it better and share that with you!

A few of us have started a conversation around crowdsourcing a course and resource bank designed to get people creating more courses in Moodle. You can find that here. It led to the building and set up of a course that can be accessed here.

From Ben Wilkoff, Benjamin Wilkoff –“So, upon Michael's suggestion, I have set up a Moodle course for us to play in. My hope is that we can develop something that we all might be able to use in the future for PD (and that might be a resource for everyone. Here is the link:  You will need to set up an account and enroll in the course. After you have done that, put a note in the buzz and I will promote you to a teacher of the course. 
If you have Moodle backups that you can restore into the course, that would be a great place to start.

Image courtesy of daveduarte

Please jump in, add to it and help us make this the best resource available. We want to give people credit for their work and we are trying to find some way to do that. Everyone will have full and open access to the backup of this course, so your work will not be lost in the ether, it is yours whether you add to it or not. (but it just makes sense to make it the best possible before “puling your backup” out of the space. For now, the point is that this will be for the betterment for all, and as the article above so succinctly states, “if even 1% of the teachers within the US started Moodling their curriculum, a snowball effect will occur that will forever change the archaic US education system.

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orwinr said...

Check out It has been around for a couple of years. It would be nice to get all the sharing sited under one roof!

Michael Wacker said...

Yes, great point about moodlecommons.I am optimistic that this will grow; after all, I think the value is there, the need is there, now we just need to get the courses in there. :)

Mr. Jon said...

Hi, glad I found your blog. Whenever I talk about MoodleShare I always mention the Moodle Exchange and the Moodle Commons.

This is a project that a friend and I have been working on that is something we can continue to develop and try to spread the word via various social networks, which is something I don't think the other two are out there doing. I strongly believe that teachers have to start working together to take the content they've created and put it out there for others to use/enhance/further develop. We have so many resources available to us as educators that it's silly not to work collectively. I've grown tired of seeing schools in rural area or poor districts limited based on their ability to purchase curriculum. I think Moodle offers us the best option to spread resources and thought it was something I could do to get the ball rolling a little more quickly.

Thanks for helping spread the word. I've posted some of my own classes there and am working on others to share as well. I'm hoping that others will start doing the same.