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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colorado has new standards P-12; how are you sharing this with teachers, looking for witty ideas

Colorado has new standards pre K-12

I need some people to help me deliver the highlighted changes and overall key points in a new and media rich manner. I'm thinking video, maybe a glog, or some interactive pieces. If you are doing similar work in your district or if you know someone who is let me know, so that we can avoid replicating each others work. @ScottElias is interested...any other takers? I think quick videos or tutorials (preferably with a little humor) would be a great way to get the message around changes and implementations out to the field.

One suggestion I heard that I like A TON is to mock, or poke fun, at existing commercials, but with an education bent. If you are interested in helping please let me know, or if you just have some witty ideas for shooting the commercials, or specific ones you think are prime fodder for a fauxmercial, I'm all ears.
Colorado P-12 Academic Standards
Drama and Theatre Arts
Comprehensive Health & Physical Education
Writing and Communicating
Social Studies
Visual Arts
World Languages

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