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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free-E-Learning Platform Odijoo My thoughts here;


Hmmm, this is interesting, but I’m not sure if you can call it a free e-learning platform if there's a charge for "seats." The idea of creating a community where you can sell your courses, may lead to the moodle sharing becoming more easily accessible and useful I hope.
How many of us are creating and sharing full courses both for professional and student learning. How can we share better? Do we need a space like odijoo that enables and encourages this? But we can share in Moodle already, it's just not very user friendly.
I think the more important question or issue is what does your LMS do for you?
Are we trying to make them into more than a great space to turn in assignments and have organized discussions via forum or discussion board? Should we be trying to make our LMS' into something they aren't?
Are we making our e-learning more dynamic via multimedia, video, audio, and animation? Or are we building Online PD using old models and poor design? Are we working together enough to maximize our time and courses?
Odijoo free eLearning Platform - create, deliver and monetize online courses with Odijoo
Odijoo is a free web-based eLearning platform that allows users to sign up for free and create online courses, share online courses and monetize online courses from their own online space.

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