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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Google Apps Domain Video Hosting?

Now that we have a domain in our district, we are consistently looking for ways to tweak it and adapt it to meet the needs of all of our teachers in the district. Google Sites has become our everything in recent weeks, our blogging solution, our classroom webpages, our wikis, our survey and spreadsheet homes and much much more.
One thing that has turned some people off is the lack of video embeds by anything other than Youtube.
Since YouTube is blocked it's hard to sell it as an online storage solution for teachers.
Two Solutions moving forward that have me excited are School Tube and Glogster.Edu

Uploading to School tube and embedding them in sites give teachers a place to store their videos as they and their students are creating on a daily basis. FLIP cameras are everywhere in our schools and now we have a safe and productive place to store our videos. allows for audio and video files to mash together seamlessly with images, text and creative expression.

These two solutions have given us a great way to integrate video, audio, and our supported web 2.0 tool into the hands of the users that have so desperately been seeking them out.
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