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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Designing a Writing Curriculum--General Questions K-12

11 elements image taken from Writing Next

What does your writing curriculum look like?
One of the questions that I ask myself when thinking about writing across the curriculum is what are the goals and what is the method of instruction that your curriculum encourages? It made me think of a handful of questions that we should ask before we take a message like this to the teachers.
1. How are you integrating technology?
2. Where is the direct instruction taking place?
3. What are your goals for the students and how will you convey that to the students in the seats?
4. What professional development opportunities are you planning on opening up to the teachers before launching?
5. Will there be a "test run" beforehand?
6. What will you use to measure achievement?
7. Where are the opportunities and built in strategies for differentiating.
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