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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do we have the time?

Do we have the time to incorporate these tools into our students learning? Will this get in the way of our pedagogy or CAP or lessons that we love and have used for years? My gut tells me that we don't have any more time...we spend most if not all of our time in the K-6 classrooms assessing; finding time is hard.

But I just can't accept that as my answer. I think we're ripping these kids off if we do that. We have to be finding time to learn and engage them in the classroom. Learning is messy, yes sometimes technology breaks, slows us down, or doesn't meet the expectations we have; but we must persist. The kids in our classes deserve it.

I've been reading the discussion posts in this course and the light switches going on and excitement created in our class' is motivating to me. Has it been for you? There are some great things going on and I'm excited to hear about it; knowing that there are more students today reaching those higher order thinking skills of create, evaluate, analyze, apply, understand, and remember; through wikis, voicethreads, google docs, delicious, and many more.

My point about time I guess is that this week we can look at how to save time. Through an RSS reader we can have great content delivered to us like a newspaper on the porch. If you can stay with Classroom20, Twitter, Plurk, Delicious or Diigo, you will save time and learn so much; I can promise.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working and learning with every one of you this session. I hope that you were able to get something to take back to your classroom or school and show someone else. If you ever have any questions I am always available via email, or tweet.

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