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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Copyright law...antiquated?

There is so much information out there, but here's a link to a paper that explored the perfect time limit for copyright: read it if you have the time, it's very interesting.

That was the most exciting thing that I read this morning and it's been a story four years in the making which kind of makes my point on this. Why do we have such a ridiculously long copyright in this country right now?
Larry Lessig recently talked about this in an @ Google talk and opened my eyes to the Sonny Bono law, which changed the copyright law from life plus 50 years and now it's life plus 70 years. The original law 1909 was for 28 years. It has been extended now 11 times? Why?

Now with so much talk about Creative Commons, should we revisit this again?

Should we limit it to 14 years as the founders believed?
I say yes, I believe that a 14 year copyright is reasonable and could be beneficial to the "lawbreakers" in our schools and on the web, but realistically the law needs to be changed.

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