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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Navigation hack for moodle

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One thing that bothers some folks when they are navigating through a moodle course is the clunky navigation. You know the drill in a LMS, right? First we click, then read or watch. Again click again to get to whatever we are being asked to read or watch. Now we click again, but this time maybe on the page we get to answer or take a quiz. And soon after again it's click , but this time it is now back to homepage, find assignment, click on assignment; and the cycle begins again.
That's crazy! I'm not even a huge click counter (I think that gets overblown at times,) but come on, can't we link to resources, or activities, from anywhere and keep the visual integrity of the navigation?

By creating one "dummy button" and then peeking at the source code,  I was able to pretty simply replicate the native "continue" feature, but this time taking the user where I want them to go in the order that I want.

This is by no means a huge problem solver, and the scaleability is not ideal, but at least I knwo how to do it for each course. Jumping the learners from Orientation to session one with a button that looks native to the system is a nice victory for me today. That is until one of my smart(er) friends reads this and let's me know there's some super easy plug-in I can add that does what I spent all day futzing around for a solution for. :)

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