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Friday, May 25, 2012

Google Groups Essential(s): "My Groups"

As mentioned in a previous post, the reasons why you want to be mindful of this tool as an organizational sharing structure is because the time saved in management and organization is quantifiable and grounded in common sense.
That said, how do you create your own groups?
  • Go to your "My groups" page 
  • Click on "Create"
  • Name the group 
  • Create a group email address. 
    • This step is really important because the folks you share with (whether that is via email, document, website, etc) will see the group email address but NOT the individuals that are in that group. This can be useful if you are grouping folks together around sensitive information.
  • It is at this point where you will want to add a description. 
    • Again, this is important because your description is how folks in your organization can find your group within the directory. 
  • Determine access level for the group. 
    • This is essential for opening or closing up these spaces for public or private consumption for the organization. 
    • note: you are not locked into this decision and you can adjust and change it as needed.
  • Click on Create 
  • Now, you can start to invite members or you can add them directly without even sending an invitation. 
    • note: this does not make it anonymous, as the users will receive notification that they have been added to a group
It's important to note that the ability to "create groups" is not native to an Apps install and so if you are hoping to be able to leverage some of the awesome that is "My Groups;" your domain administrator will have to enable the feature to create your own group. 
We will look more at domain management of google groups in a further post and we will dive DEEP on the 2nd and 3rd at the Summit! See YOU There!
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