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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why are the supported solutions not the ones I want to use?

Created a screencast tonight outlining changes we've made to our ELA courses.
 I uploaded it straight to #youtube directly from #screencastomatic. This one click upload feature is something I've done quite a bit before, most notably with #FLIP cameras back in the day. The difference was that tonight I stopped and paused and questioned myself on why I wasn't using our district supported and hosted solution?
I guess I could've uploaded it to our video storage solution which is really quite cool (makes sense since they won the RFP). But, it took one click to upload straight to youtube and should I ever want to download it to any machines again I can easily make a playlist, use #downloadthemall browser extension for firefox and quickly download every video on the quick. (something I did recently to create a hard drive archive of the 200+ family videos we've compiled the past 5 years.
I'm not bashing our solution tonight in this post, it works. But, I am questioning again why we seem to feel the need to own and control things like this when the tools and storage that youtube offers me work really well and with little learning curve ( browser editing, chapters, captions and anchors.) Maybe all of these other storage solutions need to open their API and make it easier for me to one click upload from the web, but they're far from being there and I am not confident it's coming.

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