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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something pretty awesome is happening in education right now...

BOS_005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...
BOS_005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Photo credit: thoth188)
Something pretty awesome is happening in education right now...

Does it seem like you have heard the term open thrown around more? It's because you probably have.

  • This week Stanford announced they are releasing another handful of courses to be open and public. (main library)
  • Last week Seth Godin published his manifesto to the web asking people to take it, read it, share it, post it, but don't edit or charge for it.
  • In January Open Culture updated this: 425 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Free online courses from the world's leading universities. Download 425 free courses from Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard & Berkeley to your computer or mp3
  • MIT is now offering certificates and just launched MITx
    • “The technologies available are much more advanced than when we started OpenCourseWare,” Mr. Agarwal said. “We can provide pedagogical tools to self-assess, self-pace or create an online learning community.” 
  • MOOCs are in the news
  • Udacity is gaining momentum as well..
All of this, in my opinion, is a very good thing.
When Seth Godin says things like authors have no right to make money off their work, I believe that he's talking about open and sharing.

I have a lot to unpack as I dig deeper, but one thing I know for sure is that open is on fire and I am excited and ready for it.

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