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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Investing in Teachers as Learners (A response and push for Open)

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Education Week: Investing in Teachers as Learners
Here's my two cents
First, let me say that I agree with a lot of what Will says in this (article) space and others around connecting teachers, re-"booting" curriculum and traditional methodologies, and allowing inquiry and discourse to "guide" the students and adults we work with.

I wonder though if we are asking the right questions?
Is it about delivery and discourse, or should we look to our higher education institutions and push the conversations to be more about social connectivism, institutional power, policy driven decision making, open source publications and open research libraries. If there are still artificial blocks in place keeping information in the hands of the privileged or "subscribed" are we really giving our students an "open" web of learning opportunities or are we building a small pipeline where their exploration can take place?
If I am the "chief inquirer" a concept I love as a facilitator, I'm handicapped by professional research organizations and libraries that block me from accessing the best and brightest.
I like what +Karl Fisch pointed out so well from this piece below in regards to rigor, but I think it touches on and describes an environment where inquiry, collaboration, and connected learning would thrive.

13:25 - I would argue that rigor is being in the company of a passionate adult who is rigorously pursuing inquiry in the area of their subject matter and is inviting students along as peers in that adult discourse. That's rigor.

Linked at five seconds before this piece, but you should watch it all if you have some time

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