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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruminating Out Loud 01/22/2012

I am going to be trying this tool out soon. I know some of my colleagues will be excited about this. I especially like that the designers built it on top of HTML5 which in the long(er) run it will make it a viable tool to train folks on how to use because it will be relevant. It also plays nicely with which is a plus, too.
At first glance, I like this a lot. It combines existing social spaces and incorporates or provides the opportunity to fracture them into learning spaces as well. I've heard folks ask before if this is even where our students want us to be. good question. I think the tool, whatever it is, will need to allow for layers or (ahem) circles so that we can organize the input and output cleanly and easily.
I still lik edmodo in this type of space as THE go-to tool because of the ability to work with kids and teachers P-12.
SO MANY great videos to save and revisit.
My only wish would be for them to be more easily intertwined into Google plus so that students could hop into a hangout and take notes or ask questions interactively.

Not a fan of the iBooks Lock Down on format and output/ reader? There's still easy-ish ways to write an e-book.
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