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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ruminating Out Loud 01/14/2012

Why pay for one-size-fits all textbooks when you can get customizable standards-aligned FlexBooks for FREE!

Math, Science, and now they've expanded to other subjects as well. There is some real potential in this model for textbooks. I'm in favor of looking at all of our options and changing the current delivery and consumption methods.
Great stuff coming from +George Siemens in this slide deck. Paid particular attention to slide 40 "Reed's Law." I personally  and us as a team have been looking at different change models. I had not thought about the tipping point in relation to what we're doing with edmodo and getting enough users to hit that point where the sub groups have teeth and the hill from which I've been dancing alone becomes filled with other crazy hill dancer people. :) h/t +Derek Sivers 

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