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Monday, December 5, 2011

An Original O.G. #eddie Award Post

All this talk about #eddies Makes me think about one particular blogpost that helped to kickstart my journey back in 07' ( ) via someone I'm proud to call my good friend,@bhwilkoff +Benjamin Wilkoff 
#eduwin #classic 

"I am tired of talking about the tools. Many of us have been talking about the tools for a long time now. We have said that using technology for technology’s sake is counterproductive. We want to use technology as a tool, right? But the tools for collaborating and creating are the largest sticking points for others. Teachers get caught up on jargon, on the basic skills of one program or process. They are still so focused on “podcasting” or “dreamweaver” that there is no room for creating the environment in which people will actually want to go beyond the tools, into true learning (you know, what we want our kids to be doing). What, then, is beyond the tools? What should we really be reaching for? The Ripe Environment. The simultaneous personal and public experience of using all of the tools at the teacher’s disposal to tear down walls, collaborate with each another, and question the traditional role of technology in the classroom".

Worth the conversation...

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