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Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 Ways We're Diminishing Learning by Assuming Face-to-Face Instruction Is Best

Great take-aways from this article:

· While individual teachers can experiment with online technology and new forms of delivery, it should be legitimized as an effective mainstream form of instructional delivery, rather than an alternative for a few students.

· Often in an online environment, immediate contact with students and direct communication opportunities mean that teachers are more likely to understand their students' thinking and intervene in a relevant way that will support their learning progress.

· Those teachers who are the early adopters, those fearless teachers who have experimented with new technology and new teaching methods and who have been tireless in their pursuit of teaching excellence and learning effectiveness, should not be marginalized, as they often are, but should be encouraged.

· as learning is an extension of social interaction and cognitive processes, we can engage students more effectively by integrating these technological tools rather than excluding them from the learning environment.

What are you doing in your classroom or educational environment to experiment, connect, support, and engage your peers into blending our traditional face to face models for learning and collaborating?
I hope that I am modeling a blended learning environment by connecting with peers face to face and then extending conversations virtually.

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