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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recipe for a Great Network

I am in the holiday spirit, knee deep in recipes and sugar cookies dancing in my head. While Mrs Wacker is the great cook in the house, that doesn't mean I haven't at least looked at some recipes in recent days/weeks. Thus tonight's post is inspired by our recipe book.

The following list is rushed, incomplete and not a true representation of the 100's of educators that I am lucky enough to learn from on a consistent basis. If there's someone glaringly missed, I apologize, this was done off the top of my head.

Note: Many of these ingredients could be duplicated throughout this recipe.


1 cup of topic and passion relevance (#jeffcok12, #educon, #iste, #NSBATL, #colearning,#gtaco)

3/4 cup of people that make me think (@courosa, @bhwilkoff, @chrislehman, @davecormier, @paulawhite, @christianlong, @nashworld, @jonbecker, @mjmontagne)

1/2 cup of leaders and admin (@ehelfant,@pammoran, @scottelias, @paulrwood, @bethstill, @bengrey, @ryanbretag, @markwagner)

1/3 cup of link junkies (@riptidef, @cleversheep, @web20classroom, @rmbyrne, @wfryer, @fisher1000, @lthumann, @russeltarr, @elemenous)

1/4 cup of local flavor (@dkdykstra,@bud_t,@budtheteacher, @karlfisch, @ktenkely, @nawalnader, @heydana, @danbrooksco)

2 Tbsp Tremendous Teachers in the field (@chrislatkinson, @johnmikulski, @drezac, @teachakidd, @giadeselm, @teacherspirit, @mbteach)

1 tbsp humor (@shareski,@ransomtech, and many more)

2 tsp lurkers (not sure who you are, but we need you guys too :)

sprinkle of discussion seekers (@dlaufenberg, @smeech, @cbell619,@mctownsley,@acrozier, @beckyfisher73)

Take all of these ingredients add in a dose of humility and self deprication and you too will have a meal that will feed your professional development and drive your knowledge seeking for quite awhile
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