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Friday, October 23, 2009

Wave "Hello" to the Education Community

I've caught the wave, or rather it's caught me. Not sure what I've gotten myself into, but as I jumped head first into the wave this week I found myself engaged in conversations with over 200 people at a was a little odd. I can say that it wasn't the most productive time that I've spent on the web, but rummaging through conversations and discussions from people that I have a lot of respect for was enjoyable. If you are just starting off here's a great tip that a friend of mine showed me you can search for public waves by typing in with:public and then any search terms you want.
I have to say though that having "invites" to pass out is a bit odd for me, I am not comfortable with the cliquishness of that, but I understand that it is in beta and may not be ready for mass consumption, which it will have soon.
The other pretty cool thing is that I feel like I have tapped into the educator portal or backchannel of thinkers and learners. Very cool, I will post more as I continue my learning.

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