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Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving forward ....and trust

I'm excited! I am excited because it seems that the necessity of screaming out the relevance and usefulness of web based collaborative tools and environments in schools is becoming less important.I am starting to see a shift at my workplace and in talking with other educators many are seeing the same thing. If you are frustrated and feel like you are screaming and no one is listening,m I would stress be patient, but don't stop; your passion will ignite and fuel others and you may be on the verge of seeing your passions become fruitful and productive.
This shift I'm seeing may be a forthcoming adoption of web base collaborative cloud tools, that depends and relies upon teacher and student responsibility, not rules and provisions. More and more, I'm hearing that other people see the relevance and need for these tools in the classroom...finally I think to myself, but really 3 years isn't that long in the grand scheme of things and when you look at some districts 3 years is a blip compared to the time that it takes others to enact change.
So, I'm excited, and loving my job! Is it because I'm surrounding myself with like minded educators, I don't think so, I feel intellectually challenged in a good ways often. I think that my peers are brilliant, and to a person they are all phenomenal teachers. I can't underestimate the importance of surrounding yourself with great thinkers and questioners.

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