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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What does a PD look like to you?

Professional development should extend past an houror a day don't you think? What better way to continue teh ocnversation then via wikis blogs and web 2.0 tools?

Great post by Will Richardson, this was my reply's something that I would love to spend more time thinking and talking about.

Pd should be a conversation of learning. Karl, Bud, and Ben put on what I thought was the best professional development day that I’ve been a part of. “What is Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation?” It truly was a conversation, with great content and meaningful discussion and at times some productive debate. Those connections with each other allow us access in these economic times to a great resource, and that’’s other teachers. It’s an exciting time we love in, I’m happy to be apart of it.
But, I think that hooking our audience with web 2.0 tools or any other “carrot” is also a good thing. Getting teachers on the computer and interacting with content sometimes is a great learning opportunity that if rushed creates push back in my experience; so “playing” first can still be a good thing.


Matt T. said...

Found your blog via Twitter. I think a valuable (but often "missing") aspect of PD is differentiation. With such a big emphasis on this very idea in our classrooms, it only makes sense to do the same for our professional learning. I blogged about it a while back:

Michael Wacker @mwacker said...

Thanks Matt, I think that's a great point and one that's often undervalued. How do we differentiate in a workplace? The labels that are hidden to children are transparent for adults, how can we differentiate without alienating? I look forward to reading your blog.