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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How long do you plan ahead?

When I first began teaching I believed that the farther in advance I planned, the more prepared and therefore the better teacher I was going to be. Soon after I realized that I was throwing many of my plans out the window because a) new plans came up or b) there was something else I wanted to dive into. It didn't take long for me to realize there was also a c) that students guide their instruction by their needs and desires for more knowledge. I can now say with comfort that if I plan more than a week in advance I am doing a disservice to my students and my teaching. A pacing guide is another story Pacing Guides allow for cohesiveness across a large group of grade level tecahers when otherwise there may not be. Building connections and authentic discussion within a pacing guide is a great way to integrate technology. Using Inquiry Based learning as a guide can be another method. I've embedded a great inquiry rubric courtesy of Galileo Educational Network

Questions I have?
How can I plan to keep planning?
How can I make sure that students are guiding their learning through productive discussions, collaboration and questions?
Will this make my teaching better or just keep me on my toes, constantly planning and tweaking with my students needs at the forefront in my planning?

Inquiry Rubric below ©2000-2008 Galileo Educational Network

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