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Saturday, March 14, 2009

What does this have to do with education?

I'm not sure what we can learn as teachers from the Chris Brown Rhianna incident, but I can tell you that your students are talking about it, hopefully with their parents, but maybe not. I've thought for a long time that we don't address character education enough in a K-6 setting. I don't mean behavior and rewards based on positive or intrinsic motivators, I mean character in a bigger sense. Reading these articles today made me cringe.
"Rhianna saga showing vicious cycle"
"Survey finds many Boston kids placing blame on Rhianna"

The headlines speak to me as a father of a girl and a boy and honestly scare me to death.

What are we doing to educate about the cycles battered men and women find themselves in? I won't rant about this because I try to stay on education topics in this blog, but I do think we should ask ourselves how can we teach character education in a k-12 setting and are we doing enough of it.
Here's a great free resource for teaching character ed in k-12 I'm going to look at it again more closely....hopefully we can find ways to stop this from happening to our little girls and boys.

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