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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teachers Sharing and Collaborating!! AWESOME!

Loving this site!

"'Ideas to Inspire' is a collection of Google Docs presentations, which offer a large number of ideas for engaging lesson activities in a range of curriculum areas.The presentations are a collaboration between lots of fantastic teachers around the world.Choose a presentation to begin, or find out more here."

I love the idea of opening up presentations to any and everyone who can contribute. Talk about maximizing the power of twitter and social networking. Kudos to those who have already contributed and count me into the number of people that want to add and join the conversation! Thanks for showing how tools can be used so easily in our classrooms even if our classrooms happen to be oceans away from each other.

It makes me think that there's so many untapped resources just waiting to be harnessed and explored by each other, for each other. Teachers who have the students in mind when planning and implementing instruction will always be an awesome resource in my opinion.

"Do you have an amazing idea which could be added?
Share it by emailing or tweeting!"

If you are looking for more ideas, why not explore
Teaching Ideas,,
Tom Barrett's blog, Doug Belshaw's blog or Joe Rowing's blog?

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