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Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Money I have none, and therefore I pay in praise"

"That I learn of others, I replied, is quite true; but that I am ungrateful I wholly deny. Money I have none, and therefore I pay in praise, which is all I have: and how ready I am to praise any one who appears to me to speak well you will very soon find out when you answer; for I expect that you will answer well."
Socrates in response to Thrasymachus -The Republic

I appreciate the knowledge that I receive from my peers in the school I work in. I work with teachers that have philosophies and teaching styles that are different from mine, but are successful. I am impressed and motivated to be a better teacher by them.

I also open my email and firefox and learn 10-15 different tools, ideas, or reflections from my PLN which is scattered around the globe. Friendbar relays my "tweets" instantly and sometimes I can barely keep up with the activities and sharing going on.

It was this post from Ben Wilkoff an educational technologist here in Douglas County, CO. that stopped me in my tracks and made me think to appreciate the peers I see every day as well as the peers I "see" every morning or evening when tweeting, reflecting or learning.
Thanks to my PLC, PLN and everyone out there sharing for the sake of better teaching!
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