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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Social Networking

taken from m discussion post in an online teacher course..

Social Networking...where to begin? I love it, it seems like our district is moving in that direction albeit trudgingly with the blackboard system. I'm still hoping that the day will come when every grade level teacher is sharing consisitently.
I love the possibilities, I've been a member of classroom 2.0 and other similar circles, but I haven't been as quick to develop my page or start discussions like I would like. I'm rejoining many of these sites with a consistent sign in name to make myself more accessible and easily contacted.
I need to blog more...I don't share enough and I'm realizing this, so my new mantra is SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. :-).
Following great teachers on twitter is an awesome idea, I've been following this list (TOP 200+) for awhile and it's growing and getting better, and better each day. Every day that I learn more about all of this, I feel better equipped as an instructor. I've recently found myself though trying to slow down and really engage in the pedagogical aspect of these tools.
I hope this doesn't sound too ranty, but I really want to invoke a discussion this week...
If I'm having my 6th grade students blog, collaborate, embed, upload, download, create, share, critically analyze, explore, use, try, apply, authenticate, re-create, edit, post, learn, flatten and expand the world of their education...then what happens in middle and high school? That's not against the middle or high school teachers, but more of an observation of our federal, state, and local standards tha we expect our students to learn. If the trend is tools have a shelf life of two years...then will they be on their own to continue to use these strategies or will we put a MARK on the CAP and make this WEB 2.0 a part of their curriculum.
Speaking bilingually, trilingually, or whatever, does in fact include digital language and we need to acknowledge that today. :)
Publishing via video or webcast is a great way to get students engaged and serious about editing and publishing their projects., and the newest are great opportunities for students to publish and share...when I say "I'm publishing the best on" go nuts. I haven't published anything this year because I need parent slips back form most kids, but the buy in is HUGE when they get to "make t.v."
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