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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Geospatial literacy

The 6th graders at my school are studying Volcano locations around the world, focusing on the latitude and longitude of each location. We began the use by setting up three classroom accounts on Mapskip which is a global pincushion similar to Google earth, but does not require a download (helpful at school). After each person "tagged" their volcano and added 5 interesting facts, as well as a picture, we turned our attention to Google earth. We "tagged" the locations in Google earth and then created a virtual "tour" of our volcanic regions. The kids were blown away.

They had already fallen in love with being able to zoom in on their school and backyard, but now they saw the global aspect as informational and entertaining.

Geospatial literacy is an awesome tool that when applied in a school setting sets up productive authentic lessons and learning for students.

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